If you have questions or comments on the Standing Group, please do not hesitate to contact us: 

  • Standing Group email - ecpr.knowledge [at] gmail.com
  • Dr Meng-Hsuan Chou (Convenor) – menghsuan.chou [at] gmail.com
  • Dr Inga Ulnicane (Convenor, Europe of Knowledge blog) – ingaulnicane [at] gmail.com
  • Dr Mitchell Young (Convenor, ECPR Section) – young.mitchell [at] gmail.com
  • Dr Jens Jungblut (Steering Group Committee, membership) - jens.jungblut [at] googlemail.com
  • Dr Pauline Ravinet (Steering Group Committee, secretary) - pauline.ravinet-2 [at] univ-lille2.fr
  • Hannah Moscovitz (Steering Group Committee, newsletter) - hannah [at] post.bgu.ac.il

You can follow us on Twitter @ECPRKnowledge or connect with us on Facebook. We also have a communications list that you can join once you have joined the Standing Group.

The communications list is used by Standing Group members to announce calls (academic, funding, experts), publications, projects of interest, research findings and policy recommendations related to all aspects of higher education, research, and innovation policy and developments.